In this stressful and fast-paced life, health has surely become a rare luxury. At Temple Medical Clinic PC, we strive to make wellness a part of your lifestyle through our medical intervention.

affordable medical servicesOur clinic has been looking after the health needs of our patients in Alabama for 50 years. The appropriate and compassionate treatment offered by our experienced physicians proves their commitment to medical excellence. From children to adults, we provide valuable health services in Alexander City and the surrounding areas. Besides physical exams, we also take up diagnostic tests and minor office surgeries. The main practice areas that we cover are medicine, office surgery, pediatrics and industrial. We can proudly say that we have lived up to our patients’ expectations in delivering exceptional medical services.

Our knowledgeable team of physicians includes Dr. James P. Temple, Dr. Timothy Corbin and Dr. Vincent Law. They all are family practitioners with a long practice history to back up their expertise. Dr. Corbin joined us in 1997 and Dr. Law became a part of Temple Medical Clinic PC in 2000. With the assistance of these three intelligent doctors, many patients were able to come out of their health distress.

We are delighted to inform you that we opened a new location in June 2010. Walk into our clinic and leave behind your medical worries. Contact us for an appointment.

Contact Information

Temple Medical Clinic PC

859 Airport Drive
Alexander City, AL 35010

Phone: 256-234-4295
Fax: 256-234-6337

Business Hours:
Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–4 p.m.